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Workflow Ends in Error " No auth to send IDocs with message type ORDRSP"

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Hello All,

I have created an RFC user with limited Authoprizations including WE* tciodes and a few ME* transactons for an ALE Set up. I want to make sure i would not be giving more authorizations (extensive) to this RFC user and assign Just required authorizations. So i started testing testing and the inbound IDOC ended in error with a message " No auth to send IDocs with message type ORDRSP" Message no. SR053. Is there any way to find out what is the missing authorization object for the User. Any inputs would be really apprecaited.




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Use SU53 transaction to check your authorization.

Try your idoc in WE19 and execute SU53 transaction.



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Hi !

Becaus alle this happens in beckgound, things are a bit difficult but solvable....

What you should do is a "Authority trace" ... as follows....:

- Go to the ST01

- Mark "Authorisation Check"

- Swich the trace on for your Workflow user

- Execute the Workflow until the error uccurs

- Go back to the ST01

- Press the "Analyze" button and see what error occurs

Dont forget to swicht the trace off... otherwise the tracefiles become realle BIG !



Some Reward poins would be nice if that helped....