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Workflow Container(urgent)

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I am triggering a event from a report by function module SAP_WAPI_CREATE_EVENT.I am able to trigger the evnt but i want to pass the value of the event container to my workflow.I have created a parameter in the event which has to be triggered by report in the business object.Similarly i ahve created the parameter in workflow container also and did the binding.But after event gets triggered and starts the workflow it deactivates the linkage.plz help.


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Hi Madhu,

Event Linkage can get deactivated when the workflow cannot be started - there could be several reasons for this. In your case it could be the binding from event to wf. As you have addtional event parameters that are needed in your wf, especially if they are defined as mandatory. On the triggering event tab of your wf (txn PFTC), make sure you have defined the binding from event to wf container.

In order to pass the values to the event container, you must pass the values in the "Container" parameter (in the form of an internal table) to the function module in your report. The internal table is in the form of container element name and value (first field of the int. table is for container element name, second field is for the value). You add a line for each of your parameters.

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