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Why we create Logical filename what is the significance.

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Hi Friends,

What is the use of Logical file name. Where we use it.




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importance of LOGICAL FILE :

lets say we are in development server and the application files are in /int/<b>D01</b>/...../temp/file1

to read the file FILE1 above ,we have to give total path(we call it as PHYSICAL PATH) to the OPEN DATASET statement.

lets say we are working in the production server and the same file may be in different location. to read the file,again USER has to give the total path.then only OPEN DATASET can find the file.


if we use LOGICAL PATH,

we are creating a logical path for a particular physical path.

lets say

zlog_path : /int/<b>D01</b>/...../temp/

we will create ZLOG_PATH as logical path and assign the value to that as above(the physical path).

lets say in production,

we will create the SAME LOGICAL PATH NAME but the physical path name will differ

zlog_path : /int/<b>P01</b>/...../temp/

the advantage here is,

user will give only the logical path and file name on the screen. he dont give the full physical path where ever he executes his report either in development or in Production.

we create a logical path using FILE transaction.

check this link.



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some operating systems the file path will be supported dir/file1, in some other it will supported as dir\file1.

To avoid this coflict we use logical file name.

we use transaction FILE for that purpose