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While Recording BDC

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Hi experts,

I m totally new for BDC.So kindly tell me in detail.

I have a requirement that I have to add field in already developed BDC.Tell me steps and...

1.While recording whether we have to enter data or have to use F4 help .

2. After recording where to go to see the field details.



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in this case there is no need of recording..

First idenitify the field, Go to the screen where exactly that field in the transaction. Find that field Techincal attributes like SCREEN Number, program name, Fieldname.

if your code already consists for the screen and program BDC LOGIC then include the code related to that field some thing like this...

bdcdata-fieldname = 'SCREENFIELDNAME'.
bdcdata-fieldvalue = variable.
append bdcdata.

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Hello Vijay,

I have to do modification while recording for T. Code mm01. For this I have to go to T.Code mm01 and on that particular field(Purchase Order text). Then press F1, but after doing this , i m not getting any Technical help.

Help me


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if it is Purchase order text then Record the Transaction, and capture the Screens and screen fields related to the Purchase Order text , then include that BDC DATA population logic inside the existing BDC program.

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Hi Vijay,

I have to do whole recording again???

While recording whether we have to enter the data or use F4 help.

And after save the recording how I get that which particular field is for purchase order Text.


Best Regards,


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Hello Experts.

Plz Help....

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GO with this tcode shdb and give the name of tcode for which u want to recodring then give the name for recoding and press satrt recording.then it ll show u the screen for which u want record.then work on that as u want (like se38 then i ll show u screen of se38 then write a prog then save and activate it as u hv been done)

then press back button and it ll show u a list then it save .all the work u hv done in se38 it will show u at recording list.



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1. Record the whole process.

2. After this save the recording.

3. To find out the field name -

Go to the Tcode where for which u recorded. Click on the field whose value u enterd during recording, & press F1.

Click on Technical characteristic & U will find the required information.

While recording manually enter the values.

Hope this information will help u.



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Hello Aleem,

I want to add Purchase Order Text in MM01 T.Code.

Purchase Order Text Field can contain text max to 40 char length.

Requirement is that I have to add 3 fields which contains Purchase Order Text if one field exceeded 40 char than text will go to second field and if second field exceeded 40 char then text will go to 3 field.

Is this possible

Hope u understand my Requirement

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Just enter the new value in the field you want to record if its already exist just delete that record and give any relevant record. As it is just a recording it will take that value in the developed program.

After creating the program from the recording find out the changed values and comment all the changed things then just give the wa_tab-pono. which is from the loop.

That is there by looping the internal table and edit all those changed values which are recorded and give the work area field in those place for example see below.

LOOP AT int_tab INTO wa_tab.

PERFORM bdc_dynpro USING 'SAPMP50A' '1000'.





wa_tab-pernr. "'00001011'.

Here 00001011 is the recorded value and give the wa_tab-pernr from the loop.

Do like this for all the recorded values.

Hope u get this concept.



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This is not a coaching center where ppl sit and teach you everything from scratch. You should have learnt that before you started working.

This is a forum for getting your technical issues resolved that you can otherwise not solve by doing some R&D and searching the forum. First go back and learn the basic concepts of BDC. Start with your work. And then if you get stuck come and search the forums. You will get enough material by just searching this forum exhaustively. Use google and sap help too. And even after you dont find what you want from the searching, then come and post your question here.