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Which Tables are behind the ST03N TCode? I need User, TCode, Time in TCode

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I need to determine which tables are behind the ST03N transaction. Specifically, I want to build a query in SQVI or download tables to MS Access and build queries to determine the following:

u2022 Which users executed which tcodes

u2022 How long was each user taking to process each tcode

So far I have attempted a ST01 trace. This yielded about 100 tables. I have tried getting together with our ABAPers to look at various programs ST03N calls, this yielded an unmanageable amount of INCLUDE statements/calls. STAD and STAT are not on the system/client I need to perform the analysis and SM20 has not been set up by basis on that system/client to record data. We do not have the RBE program and will not be purchasing it or installing the 2005 version I have.

The data I need I can see in ST03N, but I need to be able to see all of it, by user executing a transaction and for how long. Going through each user manually is not an option.

Can anyone provide:

1. A list of the tables housing the data I referenced above?

2. A list of the queries needed to get the data into a manageable format by user executing tcode for x amount of time?

3. An idea of the viability of using SQVI verses exporting to MS Access.

Thank you very much in advance for any help you can provide.


- Lane


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Have you tried using the ST05 trace?