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Which database table takes more time

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Hi Friends,

I can use 4 database table in my programs,

its performance is low, So how to find which database table takes more time.

Can you send me breifly

Thank you



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To know which table can consuming more time then use SQL TRACE (ST05) for this analysis.

Here before running u r program u can traceon then run u r program. And traceoff. Then listtrace.

Take care that noother programs can run in background also else it also recordsthat also.

Then it shows all select statements with DURATIONS.

Then sort the duration field. Then see the select statement which took more time to execute by seeing DURATION field.


Which shows using of repeated selects. So, u can change the code in u r program to use only on select in place of those multiple selects. So tome can be saved.

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Try using the SQL Trace for findin the information. Transaction is ST05.

At the same time you can fine tune your code. Usually performance increases when you specify the select query effectively with using all the keys and joins are perfect. Also the tables from where maximum records are fetched and frequently accessed can take more time.


Renjith Michael.

Edited by: Renjith Michael on Jan 7, 2008 12:19 PM