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when to use cluster table

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when we will use the cluster table.. in which situation we will declare the table type as cluster table.

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hi suresh,

Cluster table are logical tables that must be assigned to a table cluster when they are defined.

Cluster table can be used to store control data they can also used to store temporary data or text such as documentation.

below link can help u



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Hi Suresh,

Please revisit your past threads and see the replies that you have got. The answers that were given along with the content in the links provided should help you decide when the table should be a cluster table.

Also, please do reward points to the answers that were given to your questions.


Anand Mandalika.

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It's my understanding that cluster tables were developed by SAP to get around an early Oracle limit on the number of fields allowed on their tables. That limit is no more and there is no need to define a table as a cluster.


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A cluster is advantageous in the case where data is accessed from multiple tables simultaneously and those tables have at least one of their primary key fields in common. Cluster tables reduce the number of database reads and thereby improve performance.

Several logical data records from different cluster tables can be stored together in one physical record in a table cluster

Check the below links for further info:



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Hi suresh,

User is not going to deal with these cluster tables. For all cluster tables there is one cluster pool. Cluster tables are similar to pool tables. The difference between the cluster and pool table is that in cluster table , primary key is taken as reference. For all cluster tables there is unique identifier to cluster pool.

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