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What will happen if we dont give any inputs in the selection screen

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Hello Experts,

Well and Wish

Here i have small question ...

1.) What message shown by the system if i dont give any inputs in the selectio-screen and press execute??

[Whther it is parameter, select-options, ranges]

Thanks and Regards



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Hi santhosh

It depends on the code i.e written by you only

You can do whatever you want , but you need to write the corresponding code for that

Regards Rk

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it will directly got to the list(that is output of the program)

SAP don't consider for the above parameters(ranges ,parameters ,select-options)

<b>if it is not mentioned in the program</b>

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If you had given the fields as OBLIGATORY and dont fill any data then it will give error message 'Enter the data'


Parameters : p_matnr like mara-matnr OBLIGATORY.

If not then it will not give any error.

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it wont show any message but will try to fetch values using the selection screen fields... as everything is empty it will try to fetch all the data relevant to the where condition in the select statement....

if u want to have any message, then u should check that

at selection-screen on block b1.

check for values and if empty put message to enter values....

or else....if the select statement has not fetched any values into internal table.... put message as no values retrieved.

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it all depends...

if u have any Mandatory fields then an error message will appear

bet if u don,t have any such fields then all parameters will take their initial values.

Hope it helps you...

Let me know if u have any more doubt...

Reward points if useful......


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Thanks for the reply..

If it shows any messages wht exactly the error will be ???



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Hi Santosh,

If any of the field is obligatory, then you will get error 'Required Entry not made' if you try to execute by not giving any inputs.

Hope this helps.