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what we can do with REF type

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DATA g_ref TYPE REF TO char10.


Now we can write like:

g_ref->* = 'xyz'.

But how we can do with 'g_ref'?

Is there anythin like p++ in C?


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For example, if I want to loop internal table

how can I use type ref to to replace LOOP it_tab ASSIGNING <fs>?

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Hi, thank you for the reply.

REF type is a little bit diff from pointer.

I only know dereference it by g_ref->*, but  how can I use g_ref itself?

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Hi Ming,

As far as I know,

Reference variables are initial when you declare them. They do not point to an object. You cannot dereference an initial reference variable. A data reference variable can point to a data object if you

·  Use it to create a data object dynamically.

·  Use it to get a reference to a data object.

·  Assign an existing data reference to it from another data reference variable.

For more details pls check.