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what's the lifecycle of Global Data in Function Group?

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I thought the Global Data in function group will be cleaned for each call stack. While it seems not so.

With a BSP web application, it seems the global data of the function group would persist untill the session times out.

I didn't find exact description regarding this. Could anybody help clarify this? For web session and SAPGUI session.

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based on my understanding of the global data in the funtion group, let's say, when you call a FM a in FG b, all of the content in the FG b is loaded into the stack. so the global data is cleaned after your program or transaction is complete. but this will not happen when the called FM is finished, coz when you call a FM , the whole FG is loaded, so if you call FM c in FG b after you callling FM a, your program will not load the whole FG again.

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Thanks, David.

What I'm concerned about is the case of web calling scenario: bsp, ABAP web dynpro. Hope can get a exact description in this regard.