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what is the difference between IDOC and PROXY

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what is the difference between idoc and proxy?


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These are not related terms, how can you compare?

In what context are you talking about these?

If its in the context of integration using XI, you should look at my blog




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Hi Saydulu,

IDOC : When you populate an IDOC and send the IDOC, receiver receives the IDOC and then processes it using a Function Module.

Proxy : Proxy is a structure which is filled by the sender. This structure is placed at a predefined place or directory from where the receiver can pick it up and use it further. There is no processing function module associated with the proxy.

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IDOC :It has Standard Structure,Sender Communication Channel is not required,Used only for asyncronous Communication.

Proxy: Depending upon the requirement have to create the structure,It supports huge volume of data processing,Can be used for both sync & async .