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what is table buffering ?

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Hi guys

can any one tell me about the table buffering concept.

Thanks in advance


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Yes sure,

The aim of SAP table buffering is to buffer table contents on the application

server to reduce accesses of the database, thus conserving the database resources

(CPU load, main memory).

2)Records that are buffered on the application server can be accessed up to 100 times

faster than data in the database. As a result, the work processes on the application

server encounter shorter wait times, which means table buffering reduces the

load on the entire SAP system.

Records in the table buffer are saved sorted by the primary index.

3)We differentiate between the single record buffer (technically: TABLP), the

generic table buffer (technically: TABL) and the buffer for complete tables (full

table buffering). The single record buffer contains the records from the single

record-buffered tables. Physically, the generic table buffer contains the records

of the generically and fully buffered tables (this means that technically, both

buffering types use the same memory area on the application server).



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