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what is significance of currency/qty fields in table?

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hi all,

Can any one explain the significance of currency and qty fields that are available while creating nor created table in se11. with an example.




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The reference field is used for the output, the output/input format of a currency field depends on the value of its reference field.

For example if you create a screen using the field KONV-KBETR :

the reference field is RV61A-AWEI1:

if you set RV61A-AWEI1 = 3

the value in KONV-KBETR is beeing shown with 3 decimals

So you could see 3,000 but this value is automatically stored as 30.00

if you set RV61A-AWEI1 = 2

the value in KONV-KBETR is beeing shown with 2 decimals

All this convertions are automatically made in according to the value setted in reference field.

You can see this using the statament WRITE with options CURRENCY, try this:





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While creating a Currency and Qty fields it is a mandatory that you have to give refrence field against that field

for Currency fields we use data type CURR and ref fields like VBAK-WAERS

for Qty fields we use data type QUAN and ref field like EKPO-MENGE

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Suppose you have a Price field in the database table.

You want to store some value in it. But you can only store a number in it. For example, it can be either 100 INR or 100 USD..... So, in order to erase such ambiguity, we assign the Currency field to it.

Similarly, when ever you want to store some Quantity. The unit for it can be METERS, KGS, or SEC's etc. So, you assign UNIT to it.



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To maintain the Correct Quantity/Currency of a field we maintain this Fields, Quantity you need to maintain the Messurement, and for the Currency we need to maintain the Currency key, to maintain these SAP maintaing this fields

<b>CURR:</b> Currency field. Equivalent to an amount field DEC. A field of this type must refer to a field of type CUKY (reference field). The maximum length for this data type is 31 places.

<b>QUAN:</b> Quantity. Equivalent to an amount field DEC. A field of this type must always refer to a units field with UNIT format (reference field). The maximum length for this data type is 31 places.

With the data types CURR, DEC and QUAN, commas separating thousands and decimal points are set by the system. The output length (number of places plus the number of necessary editing characters such as commas separating thousands and decimal points) is therefore greater than the specified length.



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currency / quantity fields allow to manipulate data according to their units or metric system used.

for instance if one field is in kgs and other in grams, if u specify dat dis is a quantity field den based on the knowlegde dey will be added.dat is after conversion of grams inot kgs or viceversa.same is with currency...

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You must specify a reference table for fields containing quantities (data type QUAN) or currency amounts (data type CURR).

This reference table must contain a field with the format for the currency key (data type CUKY) or unit of measure (data type UNIT). This field is called the reference field of the output field. The reference field can also reside in the table itself.

A field is only assigned to the reference field at program runtime. For example, if a field is filled with currency amounts, the corresponding currency is determined from the assigned reference field, that is the value entered in this field at the moment defines the currency.

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hi all,

Thanxs a lot for your clear explanations. i have assigned points.