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what is ABAP Proxy ??

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Hi ,

What is an ABAP proxy? and what are proxies in general .

points to be given .



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Check out this link



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Check out this link


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anybody else please?

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ABAP server proxy is created for the inbound interface creted in XI's Integration repository proxy should be created in the business system for which the interface is created .

Client proxies

Classes (Java, ABAP Object) are generated for outbound interfaces.By calling a method of the class you can transfer your data to the proxy, which constructs the message and forwards it to the Integration Server. Proxy for outbound interfaces are called client proxies.

Server proxies

Interfaces (Java, ABAP object) that are generated for inbound interfaces have to be implemented by the application for receiver processing. The proxy runtime calls this processing automatically once it has received an appropriate message.Proxy for inbound interfaces are called server proxies

ABAP Server proxies are generated from an INBOUND interface from Integration Repository. ABAP server proxy used to implement a service in XI infrastructure and also to implement a web service.

For creating a server proxy you hav to goto sproxy transaction and there u can find all the software components in the server u connected.

from it u hav to choose ur INBOUND interface and create it.

after clickin create it wil b havin a implementin class which is ur interface mappin in IR and there u can see the method.

u can write ur code in this implementin class method.

and save and activate it.

Whenever a message comes into it, ABAP proxy runtime wil automatically trigger this abap class and executes it.

U hav to make sure tat u r creatin tis proxy object in 4th level of package.

1st level-structure package.

2nd level-main package.

View this SDN tv demo for ABAP proxy in detail.

Also follow this link.


Hope this helps, Do reward.

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Hi Coolio,

let me have a go at this.

A "proxy" is a placeholder for something else. It acts on behalf of some other "thing".

In the case of application development proxies are typically generated functionality that provides a standardised and well known interface to the underlying services.

Let's take the web services example. Every web service has different requirements but can be called using well-known and commonly agreed standards such as HTTP, SOAP, etc. So at a fundamental level the developer needs to code a web service call for each service he wants to consume, modifying the input and output data structures to suit each one, and set the target endpoint for each one as well.

Web services are self-describing. This means they typically have an XML document (WSDL) that describes their specific interface, how to call it, etc.

So rather than have the developer code specifically for each web service we can use a "wizard" to read the WSDL file and generate the coding required to call the service for us. Typically this "wizard" would define platform specific data structures for the input and output interfaces and then generate code to read the input interface, map it into the web service client payload (XML ), form the SOAP message contents, package this into a HTTP request, call the web service endpoint, catch the response payload, parse the response payload into the output interface and provide error handling.

This generated code is what is known as a proxy. It becomes the "agent" for the actual service call. The developer now just needs to populate the input data structures, call the proxy, then read the output data structures. The underlying data mapping and service calls, along with error handling, etc. are abstracted by the proxy so the developer does not need to waste time building this.

I hope this helps.


Graham Robbo

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excellent and lucid description!

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Re:what is abap proxy ?

Client proxy/Consumer proxy :

                By using client proxy we can consume web service by using the wsdl file .

                Whenever we consume a web service it will generate a global class(proxy class).

By instantiate this class and by accessing the methods of the proxy class we can consume the services provided by that web service.

                We can generate proxy class as follows,

                goto se80->edit object->select  'Enterprise service'  tab ->client proxy,

                we can generate client proxy by three ways,

                1) Through a wsdl file saved in system

                2) Through http/Url  of wsdl file

                3) Through Esr(Enterprise service Repository)

Server proxy/Service provider :

             Service provider or server proxy ,we are offering functionality available in our sap system to

non-sap systems through wsdl file,for that we will generate the wsdl file.

Generating wsdl file:

goto se80->edit object->select 'Enterprie service' tab ->server proxy

we can generate the service provide by following ways,

1) Function module (Should be RFC)


3) Message interface

4) Function Group

for standard BAPIs, SAP already provided the wsdl file wecan fing them using BSP application

http://<sap host sytem addres>/sap/bc/bsp/sap/WebServiceBrowser/search.html