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What are update functional modules ?

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What are update function modules ??


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update function modules are used whe u want to perform the updates all at once. for e.g u have a sequence of screens on which user will enter data. on each screen if u save the data directly to a table then if there is some problem before completing the transaction, system will have incomplete and inconsistent data.

for this u will use


and pass it the data.

when u will trigger the COMMIT WORK command system will execute all the function modules with UPDATE TASK and update the database then only,


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Go to the Tcode SE37 and select the find button from the menu and type update in the description and execute.

you will get the number of Function Modules that are available in SAP for Update.

Hope this helps you.

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We bundle all our Open SQL statments for database changes in an update function module. The function module is called with addition IN UPDATE TASK. The function module is executed using an update work process when the program reaches the COMMIT WORK statement.

A typical use is to release locks using update function modules.

To choose from synchronous and asynchronous updates is at your disposal. You have to specifiy that when you create and update function module.