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What are tRFq and qRFQ

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Hi all,

Can anybody tell me about tRFC and qRFC.




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Hi Anup; here you have some explanation about tRFC and qRFC. I hope it will be useful:

From Release 3.0 onwards, data can be transferred between two R/3 Systems

reliably and safely via transactional RFC (tRFC).

This RFC was renamed from asynchronous to transactional RFC, because asynchronous RFC has another meaning in R/3 Systems.

The remote system need not be available at the time when the RFC client program is executing a tRFC. In R/3 Systems, the tRFC component stores the called RFC function together with the corresponding data in the database, including a unique transaction identifier (TID).

This ensures that the called function module executed exactly once in the RFC server system.

Queued RFC with send queue enforces a serialization on the side of the send system.

The target system has no information about the serialization in the send system.

This allows communication with any R/3 target system as of Release 3.0.

qRFC with send queue is an enhancement of tRFC.

It transfers an LUW (transaction) only if it has no predecessors (in reference to the sequence defined in different application programs) in the participating queues. In addition, after executing a qRFC transaction,

the system tries to start all waiting qRFC transactions automatically according to the sequence.

For queue administration, the system needs a queue name and a queue counter for each qRFC transaction.

Each tRFC call to be serialized is assigned to a queue name that can be determined by the application.

Best Regards.

Tomas Pintos.