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What are the major components in class?

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1) What is the purpose of ‘load-of-program’? When it will be trigger?

2) Write the code for displaying the three parameters in single line with the first parameter as mandatory in the selection screen?

3) Which event triggered whenever the user call the function BACK, EXIT, CANCEL?

4) What are the major components in class?

5) What is the functional module is used to get popup screen for ALV reports?

6) Which type of pool is used to get drop-down list?

7) What is the tcode for creating the variant truncations?

8) Is it possible to call LDB’s number of times in same report?

9) What are the conditions to use control break statements in our report program?

10) What is the use of range statement?

11) What is the difference between normal reports and alv reports? With comparing to normal report are there any disadvantages in alv reports?

12) What are the components used to suppress the fields in the selection-screen?

13) What is the standard program to transport selection screen variants?

14) What is the event keyword for defining event block for reporting events?

15) What is the specific statement use when writing a drill down report?

16) What are the different tools to report data in sap?

17) Write the menu path to create a selection text in reports?

18) How do we omit the leading zero s while formatting outputs in reports?

19) What are the report truncations?

20) How do we align selection input in single row?

21) How do we suppress the display of input fields on selection screen?


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this forum is not for answering your interview questions...if you stucked with any realtime problem then post...please try to respect forum terms and conditions.

Thank you.