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Waiting for the actions to get executed before submitting it

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Hi Guys,

We have a peculiar peoblem wherein we are submitting a report via a job and returning to FM .

In the report we have to execute soame actions on the vehicle being submitted.

The problem is submit is doing its job much before the looping on actions and the status is getting changed with which when it is trying to execute actions its giving an error message sayingh vehicle locked by user/Data has been changed meanwhile.

Its very helpful if anyone providea us a way to submit via job but wait till the report is executed and rerun.

Thanks and Regards,



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HI Rajashree,

If i have understood your problem properly,

You want to submit a job and return and and want to perform the next few statements only after processing for submitted report is over.

ENQUE_SLEEP is a FM, insert it after submit job..return statement.

you can do that by clicking the pattern button.provide some data for seconds, so it will wait before executing next statement and by the time the submitted report will be processed.

Please give reward point to correct answer and close the thread once you get the correct answer.

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Hi Raj,

maybe you could call the report from inside a FM.


2. the FM calls your report

3. In main program, do what you want

3. use statement RECEIVE RESULTS FROM FUNCTION func. (with this statement you can catch the end of your report)

I hope this will help.


PS: im using release 4.7

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In the calling program, if you:

submit report01
  and return.

The calling program will wait until the submitted program finishes.