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View, Clustur & Pooled Table

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I have few questions on the above topics.

How can we retreive data from View , Clustur & Pooled Table using Select statements.

If possible can you explain me with an example.

what kind of data can we retreive from them . for example BSEC - how can we use it .

Thank you in advance.



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You can access them using SELECT statements, you CAN NOT use joins though.

For example, BSEG is a cluster table.

report znave_0003 .

data: ibseg type table of bseg with header line.

parameters: p_bukrs type bseg-bukrs.

select * into table ibseg from bseg

up to 100 rows

where bukrs = p_bukrs.

loop at ibseg.

write:/ ibseg-bukrs, ibseg-belnr.


to retrieve the data from a view....

Declare the internal table with the type of View.

Data : itab type table of zview001.

or write select query as

select * from zview001 into corresponding fields of itab.

Also you can uncheck the Unicode checks active (checkbox) in the program attributes.

{When you check that unicode checkbox, you should use an internal table without a header line. Instead you should declare a work area)

Hope it helps...


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Hi Naveen,

Thank you for the reply , why is BSEG clustered table i mean what was the purpose just to have a clear picture, and what are the tables they have and how can i create a cluster , Please let me know .

Thank you.


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check this below link

bottom of this link u will find the info what ever u r looking for..


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Thank you Naveen, Can we access this BSEG table from outside SAP system in EDI terminology , as this is a cluster table .

Let me know ,



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Sorry Roby,

I don't have the idea about it...


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Great Naveen , Anyways .Thank you very much for your reply . Let me know if you get any inputs on BSEG .