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Version Maintenance of Program

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Dear All,

Want to know, scenario........

Client in Dev.



400 all cross clients.



Suppose a request is released in 102 it gets affected to all the clients by default( in dev). Now the problem starts if something is developed in dev and that is not transported to production. So there was some change in dev which is not gone to Prod(500),. How to maintain the version change status in prod and dev. If there are any request or changes to effect any module/Sub module???

Is there any report. And how to take care of the changes made in dev and keep track of the programs ? Also al the relevant question regarding the same?




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U can check in verion management...In the Menu bar of ur program u will find VERSION->VERSION MANAGEMENT..Here u can see the latest request in both development and production system..

one other method is remote comaprision , u can compare the code in development and production server..



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If you create a report in one client this coding is automatically 'available' in all other clients as well because there is only one coding version per system. It doen't matter if the request assigned to it is released or not.

Regarding tracking of changes - whenever you change or create a transportable object you will have to enter it into a change request. Hence by looking at your change requests (SE10) you can see what objects have been changed. To keep the coding versions in your prod and dev system in sync you should also always transport your requests once they are finished. Also make sure that they are transported in the same sequence they were released in DEV, otherwise you might overwrite a newer coding version in prod with an older version of that code.

The versions of your program will be created automatically. At the time you release a transport request that version is 'closed'. Any further change to that object will create a new version which will be 'closed' again when you release your request. You can also manually create temporary versions in version management.

Hope that helps,


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Hi Michael,

Thanks for your reply. Also to Nagaraj.

I know that the transport request needs to be done accordingly, but now all the mess is done, how to track it.

I know one transaction SE39 to check program by program of the changes in source and destination, but that wont solve my purpose.

I want to know all the versions of the program in PRD to compare with DEV, so that my task of sorting of program is easy. Is there anything from the basis point or abap pt to check the version on both the system?