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VENDOR_ADD_DATA for custom LFM2 fields

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I am looking for a way to use the Vendor Maintenance Program SAPMF02K (XK01/XK02/XK03) to update custom LFM2 fields.

Since there are multiple LFM2 plant(WERKS) Records for a Vendor/Purchasing Org, How can the screen be configured to narrow in on the desired LFM2 record to update?

Goal-Have the additional field appear on the SAPMF02K vendor plant purchasing data screen (330) or as separate button on the alternative data plant screen (341).

Presently I can prompt for the plant and update the existing record, however this is not useful in view mode as the plant field is read only. It also does not look/feel like SAP's XK0x transactions.

Following SAP Note 580266 I was able to use VENDOR_ADD_DATA and VENDOR_ADD_DATA_CS use the custom screen.


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Created a screen with table control to display all plants, 1 for each internal table lfm2 record. With a create push-button. Populating the table control fields worked well with the badi as the XK02 simply updated lfm2 from the new values.

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Hi jim,

I have a similar requirement.I want to update a custom field in LFM2 table only.I created a screen group and using the badi VENDOR_ADD_DATA and VENDOR_ADD_DATA_CS added my field in the subscreen.But I am able to display the the custom screen tab at screens (0111)General view and Purchasing view(0310,0320) only.I am not able to display the screen tab at LFM2 level (0330).Is there any other BADI or exit TO ADD a custom field in screen 330.Your help will be appreciated.