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Validation in Module Pool Program

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I have created a MP prog to update table 'x'.

Now the fields of table 'x' r coming from other tables. say 'y' and 'z'.

I have to validate those fields against their respective helps.

I have provided f4 help also.

But i m facing problem during validation.

I have tried function 'F4IF_FIELD_VALUE_REQUEST' also.




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if values of fields which are in table 'x' are coming from y and z..u get all the fields required in x into an internal table...then provide f4 help for the fields required using internal table..

then validate the inputs using select query...

or try this sample code..

provide f4 help and in tables parameter give internal table name which has values which u want to be shown in f4 help ..



retfield = 'input field name'

dynpprog = 'progname'

dynpnr = 'dynnum'

dynprofield = 'structure-inputfield name'

value_org = 'S'


value_tab = itab.(internal table with values u want to get while pressing f4).


create the Search help on data element level for those fields in your ZTABLE, it will work.

hope these would help..

reward if helps.


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hi Chaitanya,

Before updating 'x' table, just find out what are the check tables of those fields which u r getting from 'y' and 'z' fields.

After that write select(select single) query to the check tables using those values which u want to validate or which u have entered in the screen. there u have put a condistion like. if sy-subrc <> 0. condition satisfy restric that updation.

I hope this will help u.

Or u need more information ask me with out hesitation.


Naveen M