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VA01/02/03 and VF01/02/03, Error 4, Update Termination Structure S001

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Hi All

I hope you are doing good.

Actually I have a new strange issue occurring when we try to create a Sales Order or Invoice. The company were used statical update reports, but recently they create a new Distribution Channel and Sector and they did the configuration for LIS.

But now, when they try to create a Sales Order or Invoice, I they got a message like this:

But the Sales Order was not created.

I talked with some guys and they say that they used OLIX to delete the data of all the structures because they where to regenerate all the documents using OLI7, OLI8 and OLI9, but they did not get any update.

I spend to much time trying to find a solution in SAP Notes, but I could not see any solution.

Could someone help me on this?


Jesus Martinez


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Hi all, after hours investigating a fix for this issue, I could not find any and I had to do some debug to see where the program had been failing.

The problem was that somebody activate Delta tables for S001 table, talking about LIS.

There is a Tcode where you can activate or deactivate these delta tables.

These delta tables are being using for BW, but as we do not use BW, we do not need them active.

LWM0 is the code to fix this. You have to select the structure S001 and at the end of the screen, there is a radio button called "Active/Deactivate" within "Delta SIL Update" frame.

As soon as I did this, t-codes start working normally.

Hope this info helps you to solve this kind of issues.


Jesus Martinez