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Using GEO codes

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Hi Experts,

I got a requirement related to GEO codes i.e. maps location latitude & logitude.

I have geo codes for some location or can be say as like geo codes of diagonal points of square. My requirement is to increase the area around square by approx 500 mtrs and find the codes of that new points top left and bottom right corners.

Any idea how can I achieve this in ABAP.


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Hi Sachin,

How are you displaying map using google service or something else.

All of GEO coding programming contains area zoom function based on any location point.

You have to apply that method to create a radius to display only that area as center in map.

for more referce you can follow below link.

Google Map zoom functionality



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Hi Praveer,

Displaying of Map is done by Java Script using Google service.

But I am developing report where I have to use this and find some data which is stored in tables.

For a detail, I am developing a report to display list of customers from some location which is stored in custom tables. At the same time I have to give the list of other important customers in nearby location around 500 mtr of perifery. I have the geo codes for first list, using this I want to find other customers.

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Hi Sachin,

You have to apply some mathemetical formula to get the distance between two location and have to check the distance is less then the constance variable (500mt).

for the reference you can check the below link.

Finding Points Within a Distance of a Latitude/Longitude Using Bounding Coordinates

You logic would be based on the found vendor location and based on primary key like (city, state, county etc) you have to collect the all respect location and in loop have to calculate the distance to get the nearby location and then the same you have to display into the map.

Hope you are clear with logic.