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We're creating new employees (successfully) using FM HR_MAINTAIN_MASTERDATA, however, the Organisation details needed to be copied over to OM (Organisation Management).

I was using a batch input session, based on PP02 for this and it was working fine, but, I am no longer allowed to use a recorded session within user (Z) code, according to development standards, so need to find an alternative solution.

So, as a result I am attempting to use BAPI_HRMASTER_SAVE_REPL_MULT, whereby I know the employee number (P 00000214) and I know the Organisation object ID (S 50000408), but I simply can't get the FM to either create or using different data to update. When I use this FM in SE37 and fill out the details by hand it just insists there is "NO ENTRY IN HR_OBJECT_HEADER FOR 01,S,50000408" and also "NO ENTRY IN HR_INFOTYPE_HEADER FOR 01,P, 00000214". I have tried swapping the values around in the tables, but with no joy.

I was wondering if anyone has managed to get PA->OM working using this BAPI?.