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Userexit in FI... URGENT..

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Hi All,

Am new to Userexit concept. Can anyone lemme know the exits available for FI.

Like i have to find a exit for FI,

When the FI document is created or changed, a new function will be invoked to check if the document qualifies for Audit based on the ZZ_AUDIT_** tables. If it qualifies, add a new entry to Audit table ZZ_AUDIT_REC, or update an existing entry if it has not yet been audited.

The FI document number is a key field of ZZ_AUDIT_REC and must be available (internally assigned) before a new entry can be added to the Audit table.

Selection tables that contain the field “Current amount” should be updated by adding the invoice amount in company currency for new invoices that fall within the value range. If the trigger amount is exceeded by the current invoice (resulting in a selection for audit), reset the current amount to zero.

Populate the Payment block on the invoice with Z or if the payment block is removed and the Audit has not been executed yet.




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If you can provide us with the Tcode or package name for which you are looking for User-Exit we can try finding out the user exits available?



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Suppose we want to see the

available Finance module user exits. Go to transaction SE81.

Click on SD, then click "edit" on the menu bar and choose select subtree.

Click on "information system," Open Environment node, customer exits, and enhancements.

Press F8 to get all the user exits for that module.

In brief:

SE81->SD->Select subtree->Information System->Envir->Exit Techniques->

Customers exits->enhancements->Execute(F8)

hope this helps you,