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User is getting abap dumps when he is trying to chnage user default in SU3.

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Dear All,

Users in SAP systems for my client are facing this issue. many users has reported the same problem.

As soon as they click on Default tab in SU3 they get the abap dump. They are unable to change their user defaults.

The su53 generated after the dumps shows they are missing debug access.

I believe this is not completely related to the problem.

Need your help to resolve this problem.




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Dear Gaurav,

I would suggest the following steps.

To see if the result in su53 is related to the dump you can check authorization objects for su3 in transaction su24.

To see if SAP is already aware of this error chek the OSS. When I type in the words "dump su3" I will get 21 hits / hints. Though I can not say which OSS-note may help you, I would say you have to check it yourself. Your problem may have to deal with special parameters.

It would also be helpful if you could produce this error on demand in a testing environment. Then you can "play around" with the authorizations.

Also I would be helpful for us who wants to help you if you could provide the dump - just the first page as a screen shot.

hope that helps a little

Best regards


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Hi Matthias,

Thanks for your prompt response,

I have attached the dump screenshot.

There is a big list of auth objects being check for su3 i found here :



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Hi Gaurav,

thanks for the screenshot.

I checked the OSS for keyword "authorization_missing" and I got 22 hits.

I read the thread behind your link. and yes, in standard the transaction su3 is "all or nothing". I guess the S_TCODE for SU3 is given to the users?!

the su24 has a lot of authorization objects, but they are all in proposal mode "no". Your S_DEBUG is not in su24 for su3!

you should check su3 in transaction su24 if everything is in standard.



Just check if the S_DEBUG would solve your problem. SU53 requested activity 03 (display) so it is not critical in my point of view

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Hello Gaurav,

have you found a solution?

If not check this note: 1590102


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Hello Gaurav,

I encourage you to implement note 1539935 in order to get rid of the issue you're facing. In case it persists, I recommend you to review the recommendations from note 970837.

Please let me know the results.


Felipe Fonseca