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user exits for AL11 or CG3y

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Hi All can some body help me with finding user exits for AL11 or CG3y

and file encryption and decryption function modules


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List of User exits for CG3y t.code.

C1020001 EHS: Menu Exit 1 of Specification Management

C1020002 EHS: Menu Exit 2 of Specification Management

C1020003 EHS: Menu Exit 3 of Specification Management

C1020004 EHS: Menu Exit 4 of Specification Management

C1060001 EHS: Variable Information on Material Assignment

C1070001 EHS: Additional checks for a char. value assignment instance

C10U0001 EHS: Further Checks for Dangerous Goods Classification

C10U0002 EHS: Input Help for Specifications

C10Y0001 EHS: Additional Checks for Status Assignments

C10Y0002 EHS: Further Activities when Saving Status Assignments

C1120001 EHS: Menu exit 1 of phrase management

C1120002 EHS: Menu exit 2 of phrase managment

C12K0001 EHS: Report Generation - Specifying Generation Server

C12N0001 EHS: Sorting Default Parameters for Screen Output

C1480001 EHS: Input Help for Specification References

C14A0001 EHS: ALE - Identification of substance in target system

C14A0002 EHS: ALE (Spec.) Parameter Filter and Transfer Addit. Data

C14A0003 EHS: ALE (Spec.) Parameter Filter and Transfer Addit. Data

C14A0004 EHS: ALE (Phrase) Param. filter and transfer of addit. data

C14A0005 EHS: ALE (Phrase) Param. filter and transfer of addit. data

C14A0006 EHS: ALE (Reports) Replicate Parameter Filtering at Sender

C14A0007 EHS: ALE (Report) Param. Filter and Transf. of Addit. Data

C14X0001 EHS: Dynamic Determination of Phrase Set

C1B40001 EHS: Variable Information on the Value Assignment Instance

C1C10001 EHS: Determination of SRGV for report selection MSDS ship.

C1CA0001 EHS: Determining report type for material safety data sheets

C1CA0002 EHS: Determines the mat. ID assigned to substances in EH&S

C1CA0003 EHS: Generation of a table with all subs for MSDS shipping

C1CA0004 EHS: Determines the language version of the MSDS

C1CA0005 EHS: Determination of SRGV for report selection MSDS ship.

C1CA0006 EHS: Report shipping: Check whether to be sent

C1CE0001 EHS: Determination of enhancement field for SD interface

C1F20001 EHS: Saving Additional Data in the Database

C1F30001 EHS: Checking Assignment in Report Header

C1G20001 EHS: Menu exit 1: Report management

C1G20002 EHS: Menu exit 2: Report management

C1G20003 EHS: Menu exit 1 report information system

C1G20004 EHS: Menu exit 2 report information system

C1L30001 EHS: BOMBOS - Percentage Calculation

C1L30002 EHS: BOMBOS - Creating Additional Substance Data

C1L30003 EHS: BOMBOS - Creating Secondary Data

RC1A0001 EH&S: Filer for Potentially Modified Reports (WL Gen.)

RC1A0002 EH&S: Enhancement to Substance Data before Check (WL Gen.)


Venkata Siva.

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Hi Vivek,

You can always follow the below steps for finding exits...

1. Open transaction SE24.

2. Now open the object CL_EXITHANDLER in display mode.

3. Go to the method tab and double click on the method GET_INSTANCE.

4. Put a break point on cl_exithandler=>get_class_name_by_interface.

5. Now execute the transaction you want to find EXIT for, it will take you to the above method.

6. Write EXIT_NAME in fieldnames and hit enter, it will tell you the EXIT used for your transaction.

7. Hit F8 and it will tell you all the EXITu2019s for your transaction.

Moreover you can use the following program to find exits too..