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User Exit

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Hi All,

Need your help..

Have a requirement like few sales organizations (VBAK-VKORG) exists in my code..for those VKORG's we have to supress usage fields means when running VA01 transaction without usage fields(VBAK-ABRVW) also sales order should be saved..

Do we have any user exit (EXIT) for this ..? and how to code this..?

Thanks In Advance..


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Did you define custom fields and want to make them invisible for certain sales organizations ? You will need to explain more clear what you want and what the problem is if you want help.

The description of your problem is very vague to me. I don't understand what it is you want.

Please elaborate further.

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Hi Mahesh,

To find BADIs and Exits:

1) Goto se24 (Display class cl_exithandler)
2) Double click on the method GET_INSTANCE.
3) Put a break point at Line no.25 (CASE sy-subrc).
4) Execute your SAP transaction i.e. VA01
5) The execution will stop at the break point.
6) Check the values of variable 'exit_name', it will give you the BADI name called at that time.
7) This way you will find all the BADIs called on click of any button in any transaction

By debugging you can find all the BADIs and exits you require.

Hope this helps.