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user exit on ME21N

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hi all,

i have to check something BEFORE click on Save button on this tx, so.. i'm looking for the u.exit/exit/badi/etc inside this tx by the program zuserexit..

This program show me a list of exits.. various of them are'nt created yet and some others have no code inside..

Question: to see which user exit i can use, there are another way to enter one by one and clicking on the break-point button?

I need something (userexit/exit/bapi/badi) that works when i click on SAVE button on me21n, but BEFORE all data will be saved..

sorry for my BAD english..

Regards and have a good week!


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What check do you need to perform ?

I can just say to try EXIT_SAPMM06E_017(MM06E005) as of now. Please specify what is your requirement.

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hi and thanks for all replies!

Inside MM06E005, i just have:




and just for the last one (008) i have code to put one breakpoint. I did it, but the me21n don't stop in any momment..

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Please specify your requirement.

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hi Keshav,

i need to take the value for the table-field: COBL-AUFNR, but BEFORE Saving.. and obviously after this field was filled out..


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Try these ones:



The usage will depends of your requirements.


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Use this inhancement component MM06E005, and this exit EXIT_SAPMM06E_012 is called before save , give break point here.


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look here:

regards, Dieter

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Hi Dieter!,

thanks for your help!, i Did all steps that you linked (with SE24 tx), and now i have some names..

Now, how can i go to the codes of these "exit_names"?...

THANKS one more time!

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Use the badi ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST method PROCESS_ITEM and get the value by field symbol:

FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fs_aufnr> type any.

Assign ('(SAPLMEGUI)COBL-AUFNR') TO <fs_aufnr>.

Edited by: fsimionatto on Sep 13, 2010 9:08 PM

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hi fsimionatto !

with your code as a beginning, i made this code

  DATA: l_aufnr TYPE aufnr.
  FIELD-SYMBOLS: <f_field>  TYPE cobl. 
  DATA: lw_var(18)    TYPE c VALUE '(SAPLKACB)COBL'. 
  ASSIGN (lw_var) TO <f_field>. 

  l_aufnr = <f_field>-aufnr. 

and it'w working fine!