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User Exit For The Z Reports Problem

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I am have been assigned a User Exit for the Z Report with the Tcode but when i run that Tcode in my program which tells that there is no user exit is dere for this code ,then how should i made the User Exit.

For Example, the tcode contains the Conformation No.. similar to the tcode CO11N and there is a Usage Decision no.. similar to the Tcode QA32.

Till now i am able to have the information that i can have the User Exit of the those tcode which are the SAP Standard Programs,and put exit on them by modifying it through the tcode CMOD. But what about the

User Exit which consist of the Z Program developed by the me or the other ABAP Programmer.Bcoz at present there is no such User Exit available . so provide me guidlienes in solving this doubt..


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i don't get anything...

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I want to know that the Tcodes which consist of the programs made by the ABAP Programmers are does not conatin any User Exit ,but if it is requierd to make a user exit for that program developed by the programmer. Is it possible or not? if it is ,is dere any example of it?

I am really sorry for making confusion to all of you bcoz i am new to the User Exit.... plzz co operate with me for this...

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Hi ricx,

hmm, Finally I got you...

What you are asking is;

Is it possible to have User exit for Custom Developed ABAP Programs?

Am i right?

If this is your question, i can say it is not needed as we can edit Zprograms whenever we need.

If you have more doubts, revert back....


Karthik D

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Thanks for clearing my doubt.ok now i understood.

That i have to develop a user exit on the tcode QA32 and CO11N so that check can be made that only the valid data can verified through it ...

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Well you have clearly confused everyone...

May i know whats your requirement, where you are assigning User exits?