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User exit for Saler order Idoc

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We´re trying to create Sales Order through IDOC. I need to add several fixed values. I wrote a user exit in EXIT_SAPLVEDA_009 ( VEDA0001):




read table DEDIDD with key segnam = 'E1EDK17'.

if sy-subrc eq 0.

v_index = sy-tabix.

v_e1edk17 = DEDIDD-sdata.

*- Fixed values--


v_e1edk17-QUALF = '001'.

v_e1edk17-LKOND = 'CFT'.



dedidd-sdata = v_e1edk17.

modify dedidd index v_index

transporting sdata.


I debugged the coding, the structure receives the values , but when I check the Sales order nothing appears .. Help !

Is there something to flags ??


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I think you have the wrong EXIT.

Try this one EXIT_SAPLVEDA_001

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But How Can I access the Structure from EXIT_SAPLVEDA_001 ??

any example..

I´ll appreciate it .

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Actually I think you can use the exit that you are currently using, but you need to change DXVBAK-INCO1 to 'CFT' or whatever value you want.