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User exit for Payment proposal in F110

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Hi All,

I am trying to figure out user exit for Payment proposals in F110 trasaction.

Here i have to capture( send into Z-table) the Payment proposal data while

creating payment proposal.

Can any one know About the same pleas let me know?

I have tried all the user exits for F110 transaction ...but no one trigging at all..

Could you please let me know the any Exit /BADI/Substitution to solve my problem?



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Transaction Code - F110 Parameters for Automatic Payment

Exit Name Description

RFFOX003 Frame for user exit RFFOX003 (in program RFFOM100)

RFFOX041 Framework for user exit RFFOX041 (in program RFFOBE_I)

RFFOX042 Framework for user exit RFFOX042 (in program RFFOBE_E)

RFFOX043 Framework for user exit RFFOX043 (in program RFFOBE_D)

RFFOX061 Frame for user exit RFFOX061 (in program RFFOCH_P)

RFFOX062 Frame for user exit RFFOX062 (in program RFFOCH_P)

RFFOX063 Frame for user exit RFFOX063 (in program RFFOCH_P)

RFFOX064 Frame for user exit RFFOX064 (in program RFFOCH_P)

RFFOX065 Frame for user exit RFFOX065 (in program RFFOCH_P)

RFFOX066 Frame for user exit RFFOX066 (in program RFFOCH_P)

RFFOX071 Frame for user exit RFFOX071 (in program RFFOCH_U)

RFFOX072 Frame for user exit RFFOX072 (in program RFFOCH_U)

RFFOX073 Frame for user exit RFFOX073 (in program RFFOCH_U)

RFFOX074 Frame for user exit RFFOX074 (in program RFFOCH_U)

RFFOX075 Frame for user exit RFFOX075 (in program RFFOCH_U)

RFFOX081 Frame for user exit RFFOX081 (in program RFFOF__T)

RFFOX082 Frame for user exit RFFOX082 (in program RFFOF__T)

RFFOX100 Frame for user exit RFFOX100 (in program RFFOUS_T)

RFFOX101 Frame for user exit RFFOX101 (in program RFFOUS_T)

RFFOX102 Frame for user exit RFFOX102 (in program RFFOUS_T)

RFFOX103 Frame for user exit RFFOX103 (in program RFFOUS_T)

RFFOX104 user exit

RFFOX105 Frame for user exit RFFOX105 (in program RFFOUS_T)

RFFOX200 Frame for user exit RFFOX200 (in program RFFONZ_T)

RFFOX210 Frame for user exit RFFOX210 (in program RFFOAU_T)

RFFOX211 Frame for user exit RFFOX211 (in program RFFONZ_T)

RFFOX230 General program for user exit RFFOX230 (in program RFFOJP_L)

RFFOX240 Enhancement for User Exit 240 (RFFOAT_P)

RFFOX250 Enhancement for User Exit 250 (RFFODK_E)

RFFOX901 Framework for user exit RFFOX901 (in program RFFOM100)

RFFOX902 Framework for user exit RFFOX902 (in program RFFOM100)

FDTAX001 Enhancement to Transaction FDTA (event after the download)

FEDI0002 Function exits for EDI DOCS in FI - Incoming pyt adv.notes

FEDI0003 Function exits for EDI docs in FI - Save PEXR segments

FEDI0004 Function exits for EDI docs in FI - particular events

FEDI0006 Function Exits for EDI-docs in FI: Save IDCR Segments

No of Exits: 36

USER EXIT,295199,sid63_gci982756,00.html

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