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user exit EXIT_SAPLMGMU_001 not triggered

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Hi all,

Why the user exit EXIT_SAPLMGMU_001 not triggered when I run MM01 / MM02?

I've activated the enhancement MGA00001 and the project containing the enhancement.

Must I use the same package(MGA) in the project?

but I am not allowed to use MGA...


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you need to create a project in CMOD and activate there....



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Yes, I've done so already, but it still not triggered....

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pls check




in smod if these are not trigger then try with fieldexit.


shiba dutta

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I hope, you have read the documetation attached with this Standard Enhancement - MGA00001.




Where Is the Customer Exit - EXIT_SAPLMGMU_001 called?

The customer exit is in function module MATERIAL_UPDATE_ALL. The

function module checks the data for errors (logical relationships,

foreign keys, fixed domain values, and so on) when the material master

is updated.


o New fields

You can make checks possible for new fields of your own. These

checks must be identical to the checks that you carry out for your

new fields in online maintenance.

o Existing fields

For existing fields, you can extend and intensify the checks.

You can also change data for descriptions and general material data

(MARA). For example, the descriptions can be generated from attributes

of the material.


You cannot bypass existing checks.

Interface to Application

The respective data of the current logical transaction is contained in

the structures, for example, in structure WMARA for MARA. Nonrelevant

structures are transferred with their initial values.

General material data that can be changed (CMARA) has the structure

MARU. This MARA view contains fewer internal fields than MARA itself. If

WMARA is filled, CMARA is also filled when accessed.

The customer exit contains the exception APPLICATION_ERROR for your

self-defined error situations.

Using the language element MESSAGE .. RAISING APPLICATION_ERROR, you can

terminate the current (logical) transaction and display your message in

the log.


Also, I guess, have you put some code in the Includes available with the EXITS and then activated the Project in CMOD.

Hope this will help.

Please reward suitable points.


- Atul

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Yes, I've activated both in SMOD and CMOD.

And I've put some simple codes and a breakpoint in the include, e.g.

Data dummy type I.

dummy = 1.

But still, it is not triggered in MM01 / MM02.