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User Exit / BADI to add new field to QP02 inspection characteristics table

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Hi Folks,

I am looking for a screen enhancement to add new field to QP02 : Inspection characteristics table control.

Step1 : Enter tcode QP02

Step2 : Select the operation and click on Inspection characteristics button

I need to add a field in the table control which appears now on Change Inspection Plan: Characteristics Overview screen.

Program            SAPLQPAA

Screen              150

Table Control     TC_PLMK

As of now am not able to get any BADI for this.

I have seen some exits, but not sure which is suitable.

Would like to get your support guys.

Points for helpful answers.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Deepak,

the program associated with QP01 is SAPLCPDI, please use SE24 to get the required BADI.

let me see which BADI, you will need.

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Hi Sanjeev,

Didn't find any BADI for this requirement.

Do let me know if you get something on this.


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Hi Deepak,

have you gone through SE24 ?, let me see all the BADI's associated with QP02.

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Hi Deepak,

i don't have data to check manually through SE24, so please check yourself,

then you will able to find useful badi, otherwise do as shown below

please go to SE38, give the program name as SAPLCPDI, and then press


it will opens popup, select as shown below

press yes, it will opens all the enhancenments as shown below

ans choose any one, double click it. and see if any works for you.

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Hi Sanjeev

Thanks for the response, but I am not able to understand how we are gonna add a new column i.e. a screen element to the table control with this enhancement spot.

Also I have already checked exit handler in se24, no BADI is there for this requirement.

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Hi Deepak,

i am not sure how to do that, as i am not able to use SE24, for the same purpose.

Please have a look at this link, and please read it carefully about all the pros and

cons before implementing it.

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Hi Sanjeev

This link is to add extra tabs and not columns in standard table control.

My requirement is somewhat similar to the one mentioned in links below.

sap note 862228.

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Hi Deepak,

i am sorry for this, please show your requirement as a screenshot where you wants to add

columns to Nabheet, he might help you, if it is possible to add a column to a view for standard


Because i didn't have added columns to a standard view for QP01/QP02.

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Hi Deepak

Can you please attach ascreen shot where you want to add the field ?


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Hi Nabheet

Following is the screen shot where I need to add 1 column in the table control.

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Hi Deepak Batra,

As this is the Screen Exit. if you don not get any enhancements spots or BADI. you can ask you basis Person to get access Key.



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Hi Deepak,

Please refer below link , it may provide some solution to your problem.



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Thanks Arulmurugan for the response but this BADI seems to be for SCM and not available in ECC.

Check note 417776.

Let me know if you get some solution for this.

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Hi Deepak,

i have founded these BADI, just go to SE84, put the package name as CP,

For knowing the package name , go to SE38, put the program name as SAPLCPDI,

and choose Attribute  button, you will get the package name as CP. Put it into SE84.

SE84 -> Enhancements -> Business Adds Ins -> Definitions -> put the package name

in package , and execute, you will get these BADI, then please check , which can be used

for your purpose. If you can able to solve.

and these are the exits i have founded through SMOD, please check if it serve your purpose.