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Usage of a method in class ADD_ADDITIONAL_FILTERS

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Hi frs,

I am working in a CRM Server.

I need to make use of the method ADD_ADDITIONAL_FILTERS in class CL_COM_PRSEARCHSCENARIO_BASE. Since this class is an abstract class we can make use of the class CL_COM_PRSEARCHSCENARIO_GETLST, the same method.

Now the problem is thw method ADD_ADDITIONAL_FILTERS uses IMPORT Parameter "IT_FILTER" which is a associated type COMT_PRSEARCH_FILTER_TAB but this one refers to a interface IF_COM_PRSEARCHFILTER which is having its methods and parameters.

Now how to make use of the method ADD_ADDITIONAL_FILTERS.

Any one is having any inputs.


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But don't you think you should implement the method of the Abstract class .. that is the whole point of abstract classes.



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since the class is abstract ,you need to implement that class.



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Yeah I know that But the class CL_COM_PRSEARCHSCENARIO_GETLST is not abstract it is Public only and it has the same method s ADD_ADDITIONAL_FILTERS and DETERMINE_STANDARD_TOOL.

The problem is the parameter(it_filter) type is a table type of interface. so to make use of the ADD_ADDITIONAL_FILTERS i need to about its importing parameter it_filter and its type.

One more thing..the method DETERMINE_STANDARD_TOOL is giving us it_filter but it is a protected one.

Hope i would get golden replies.