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URGENT: Text Module VS Text Element.

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Hi All,

I'm currently working on SMARTFORMS that should handle different language translations. I just want to know which between the two is flexible enough to handle the requirement with the different languages. What is the difference between the language translation of text module against text elements?

If I used text module, how can I be able to activate the language translation of each text modules?

What is the most preferable between the two?

How will I configure the language translation so that it will be able to handle all possible languages that SAP provide?

Thanks! Hoping for your immediate response!


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You use text modules to centrally store texts in the system that you frequently use in forms. This detaches the text maintenance from the form maintenance so that you need not call the Form Builder to edit individual texts.

text modules have the following characteristics:

1)They can be used cross-client

2)They are connected to the transport system

3)They are connected to the translation tools in the system

Due to the latter characteristic the logon language uniquely assigns a text module to a language.

SAP Smart Forms include only text modules of language A into forms of language A . The language of a form is equally determined by the logon language.



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Hi ,

You should go for text modules if you are using some text, for variables you should go for text elements

Text modules automatically get translated depending upon logon language

while creating text modules click on translate to all.

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Hi All,

Thanks for your very helpful feedbacks... So, I just want to confirm some points regarding text modules:

So, it means that text modules are most preferable to use when dealing with any label/texts in the forms and when language translation is necessary.

Text modules will be automatically translated based from the language attributes defined upon the creation of text modules.

There is no need to Go to SE63 to do the translation for text modules because the text modules already features the automatic language translation based from the log-on language used.

That, text elements is only preferable for variables to be used in SMARTFORMS.

Kindly clarify and confirm if my assumptions are correct.

Thanks a lot to all who replied to this post!

Best Regards,

Jason Ocampo

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