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Urgent: Deleted customer include CI_FKKEPOS

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there is a critical issue which we come across in our project.

By mistake the customer include CI_FKKEPOS has been deleted .Now almost all the transactions are giving dump of database inconsistency.

Even if we try to recreate and save,it gives us the same dump.If anybody has come across this kind of issue,please respond asap.

Is there any way by which we can retreive this cutomer include back.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Delete the custom include from the table . Then go to se14 and activate and adjust database with "delete data" option. Then create the custom include again.

Some times this will solve the issue.

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First Check what is the main table this include has been included. Create CI_FKKEPOS from the same place and add the same fields. Then activate include and Goto Data base Utilities of the main table, then click on button activate and adjust. No dumps will come.

Don't select the delete option, let it be the default save option.



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Satish Panakala

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Thanks Sudha and Satish for the replies.The issue is over now and the rcause was most unexpected.

The dumps started coming because of some memory issue and coincidentally as the customer include also has been deleted at the same time, we thought its because of this .

As satish suggested to activate after recreating , system was not even allowing to save after recreating,When we click on save,dump used to come and same for SE14.

Literally we could not use any transaction in system.

Just for info so that anybody else doesn't face this problem....You can delete the customer includes .Infact there is a OSS note in marketplace which talks about this.But it may require some database adjustements.So my suggestion would be if you have created any such include for testing purpose and and don't want it now.Just save it with some dummy field rather than deleting.