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Update Outbound Delivery

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Which BAPI/FM can update the outbound delivery??




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HI Kit,


and Read its documentation to know much more details about the fields and how to use it..

Reagrds Rk

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Hi Rk,

I'm using 46c and this BAPI is not available.



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Hi Kit..

I think WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE is available in your system ..just try this

The Documentation for this FM is(This is the Translation for German documentation )

Changes of supplies With this functional module supply data can be changed. The component can accomplish updates from the commissioning over Kommissionierbelegfluesse (quantities & weights), if the parameter sits UPDATE_PICKING and quantities, weight and volume updates without Kommissionierfluesse, if UPDATE_PICKING on SPACE sits. In this case there is only one a mark feedback to each position. In VBPOK and VBKOK there is control parameter for this, which changes are accomplished. Kommimengenaenderungen are always accomplished in basis quantity unit, changes of delivery volume always in sales unit of the supply position. If not over Kommissionierrueckmeldung one works, all information must be given to a supply position with the call, subsets and weight feedbacks are not possible. In the case of loads several sentences with different loads can be acknowledged to a VBPOK POSNR_VL. The fields in the Include VBPOKKOMMI within the structure VBPOK are relevant only for the case of the Kommissionierrueckmeldung with use of Kommissionierbelegfluessen (e.g. WM Transportauftragsrueckmeldung). The Aufrufer must evaluate both the minutes table PROT and intercept the EXCEPTIONS ERROR_MESSAHE and OTHERS.

And If you still want to know how to use this FM ,,Click where used list for this FM and see how it is being used ,and try to do the same as per your requirement



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