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Update Condition Records uisng VK11 for all possible keys of different conditions

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Hello All,

I have to update condition records Using VK11 or BAPI for all the possble combination keys (i mean based on the Condition Type Key Combination will be changed).

What will be the best way to achieve this requiremnt BAPI or Direct Input.... ?

for Direct Input can any one provide me the sample format of the file

thanks for the help on this.


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Could any one give me smaple file for direct input Program RV14BTCI..

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Hi Pratap,

You can use LSMW with Standard batch input program RV14BTCI,

You can use XK15 tcode to create the condition records as it can handle any condition
table and then your souce fields can be as below

KOTABNR           C(003)    Condition Table
KSCHL                C(004)    Condition type
VAKEY                C(100)    Variable key
KBETR                C(014)    Condition rate
KONWA              C(003)    Rate unit (currency or percentage)
KPEIN                 C(004)    Condition pricing unit
DATAB                C(008)    Validity start date of the condition record
DATBI                  C(008)    Valid To Date
MWSK1               C(002)    Sales Tax Code
KMEIN                 C(003)    Unit

After this do the auto field mapping and pass BKOND1-TCODE = 'XK15', BKOND1-KVEWE = 'A',
BKOND1-KAPPL = 'V'. in your case.