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You have used mostly what at Abap?(ie: Report writing, ALV, SAPSCRIPT, smartforms,batch input, bapi, badi, object-oriented, user exits etc...)

I need it. Thanks.


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wat do u need? sample code or tutorials?

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Normally ABAPers will use almost all the topics which you mentioned, lets say suppose if i know SAPSCRIPT more then i will prefer to work in the SPASCRIPT, so in that way we get the work



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wat do u need. we have done n number of things till now. please be clear with the requirement. don't be so absurd and please mention things clearly. u are representing a big group of experts.

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oh well the group is sooo big by now you cant call em experts anymore...

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Hi Deniz,

As a technical consultant (ABAPer) you will cover the areas regarding to requirements. Most of the issues are related to reports,layouts,bdcs by most of the abapers and the rest are depending on requirements. This place is not enough for the objects list they handled by developers.



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Hi Vinaykumar G,

The closest answer I wait has come from you.Thanks.

All eperts, thank you too.

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well Deniz,

I´m not quite sure what you want to know or what you want to achieve by knowing what you are asking for.

If i get you right, noone can give you an appropriate answer as this depends on your companies businessfield, size of your company, abilities of the employees (developers), the customer and many more criterias.

Assume a small company with lets say 5 people, one of them beeing the developer. If they are doing SAP-projects, the developer will have to do all of your mentioned stuff and even more.

If the company is realkly big you may have Sapscript specialists, ABAP specialists, OO specialists, ...

We cant even tell you how the percentage of usage is spreaded amongst these terms, since this depends a lot from the customer, his business processes and wishes about the system behaviour.

We had customers where just had to modify some forms, and the rest was done by the unmodifies SAP-standard. As well we had customers where we had to modify a LOT of SAP objects and really scramble the standard system behaviour.

i hope yopu get my point here.