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uneditable column within editable row ?

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hi friends,,,

i am using oo alv to display report..

in that report..

i maintained EDIT bt in the application Tool bar using PF-Status..

if i press EDIT bt the entire grid( key fields and other fields) become editable..

but my requirement is i want all the key fields uneditable.and remaining fields editable if i press EDIT bt.

thanks in advance


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you have to set the attribute EDIT of each field (column) in field catalog

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thanks for ur effort.. but

i m not using fieldcatalog. i passing the entire internal table to grid

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if u r using ALV reports use fieldcatalogs yhen u can edit the selected fields.

d_fieldcat_wa-fieldname = 'EMPADDRESS'.

d_fieldcat_wa-seltext_l = 'Employee Address'.

d_fieldcat_wa-edit= 'X'.

d_fieldcat_wa-input = 'X'.

d_fieldcat_wa-col_pos = 1.

append d_fieldcat_wa to d_fieldcat.

clear d_fieldcat_wa.

data : gd_repid like sy-repid.

gd_repid = sy-repid.

call fucction module reuse_alv_grid_display.

call_back_program = gd_repid.

t_fieldcat = d_fieldcat.


t_outtab = itab.

Reward with points if helpful.