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Undo Summarization of Posting Items using BADI EXIT_RPCIPE00_002

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Hi Guys,

Please could someone explain what steps would need to be taken to undo the summarization during payroll posting?

Currently we would like to try and implement user exit EXIT_RPCIPE00_002 to allow line items that add up to zero (ie: cancel each other out) to be included as part of the summarization. This exit is part of posting program RPCIPE00 (transaction; PC00_M99_CIPE).

I know BAdi EXIT_RPCIPE00_002 exists and should be used to accomplish this, but due to my lack of knowledge in FI/CO I’m not sure what values should be filled in export fields ZUONR (Assignment number) and SGTXT (text) to actually achieve this.

It would be great if someone could explain how the posting program works. I have taken a look at the PPOIX table and the GL to see which items have and have not been summarized, and I can see those where items with the same value and symbolic account have been added together to give a total of zero, therefore prventing them from being posted to the GL account.

I look forward to your response.

Many thanks,



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Hello Gillian,

I have the exact requirement at my client. Can you please share your solution, if this got resolved?

I am a payroll analyst and do not know much on what to use while exporting the fields ZUONR, to undo summarization.

Your response is greatly appreciated.