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Unable to update Pricing Conidtion value for a manual Tax Condition

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Hi Experts,

I am using SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CREATE function module to create Sales orders and which is working fine.

I am able to update all other conditions except manual tax conditions.

The manual tax condition defaults gets 10% discount of base price.

If you go to VA01 create a sales order and enter the Tax condition by default it gets 10% and later if you double click on that conditions it will allow you to change the condition value.

I tried passing value during the sales order create time.. but the condition value is not geting changed.

I tried passing empty condition during sales order create and later change the condition value using SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CHANGE, but still it is re-determining the 10% discount on the base price using my program.

I need this condition type as % basis and I need to update the condition value which is in input file.

Here is the one which I am passing to conditions during Sales order create process.

if gt_sales_conditions_in-cond_type = 'ZXTA' .

gt_sales_conditions_in-calctypcon = 'A'.

gt_sales_conditions_in-Condcntrl = 'E' or gt_sales_conditions_in-Condcntrl = 'C'.

gt_sales_conditions_in-cond_value = gv_value.


gt_sales_conditions_inx-itm_number = wa_sales_condition_data-posnr.

gt_sales_conditions_inx-cond_value = 'X'.

gt_sales_conditions_inx-updateflag = 'U'.

I looked in SDN forms and I have tried passing values LOGIC_SWITCH-pricing = 'E' and also LOGIC_SWITCH-cond_handl = 'X' . But still I am having the problem.

Please help me in resolving the issue.

Thanks in advance


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sorry, i dont hv much idea about this FM, but, once my coleague worked on manual tax manipulations on transaction VA01 itself, by using user, u EXPORT ur data from ur Z prog. to memory and IMPORT it into user exits(may b try with the exits, which contains PRICE/TKOMK/TKOMP in their names......actually, there is a WIKI in SDN for VA01 user exits) of VA01 and manipulate the tax.

May b try my suggestion in worst condition.