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TVARV table

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hi frenz,

Can u anyone temme wat is the use of TVARV table and how do we use that, with example?

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Sure, this table is used to set up selection screen variants. For example, say that you have a field on a selection screen that needs to be filled by a variant by must be calculated on the fly. Say a date range. You need to have this field fill in for the period start and close dates. In TVARV you would define a selection variable with these values, then in your report program you would set your selection variant in the program to use this selection variable, this can be done when you are saving a variant.

We acutally run a background job every night which calculates about 30 or so selection variables like current period range, ytd range, period range 6 months ago, etc. This way we know that this values are always updated and ready to use.


Rich Heilman

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Check this link

Got this info from a link

Q: We need to download an internal table to the Presentation Server(local workstation). Whenever we run the program, the same file has to be saved as a separate file in sequential order. Ex: 0001.txt, 0002.txt etc. Where can we store the last file number?

A: SAP has a table TVARV for storing the variants.

A record may be created in TVARV for all the programs that require this kind of incremental records.

For Ex: the record could be 100Zmm10001 MM sequence rec where first part consists of client code and the program being run. Client code is required because TVARV does not has a field for client code. The second part is the description indicating the purpose what the record is created. This entire string may be posted in the Name field (char- 30).