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Trigger an Idoc when a sale order is been opened in VA02 & saved

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Hi Experts

I have a requirement to trigger an Idoc when a sale order is been opened in VA02 transaction and saved.

Now that I have attained the same through Message Control Settings and Nace out put type settings with Multiple Issuing.

Here in the Idoc will be triggered when the user makes any changes in the order based on the NAST table entry.

Now my requirement is that the Idoc has to be processed even if there is no changes made to the document when the user opens the sale order and clicks save.

This is the process been carried out to re-process the Idoc.

Now that the Idoc is triggered using the path ---> menu - extras -output - header- edit & save.

Now that the user need to process the Idoc by just opening the order in VA02 and click save.

How can this be attained ? is there any configuration for it ?

Or is it possible to handle the same in any of the user exit ?

the problem is the user exit save gets triggered only when there is any change in the document else it throws a msg " No changes made"


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I guess In order to select the output type automatically on the VA02 save button , try to right the requirement routine in VOFM

Transaction for output control.

In this try to check the transaction code and trigger the output type as per your requirement.

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Hi Niraj

Thanks for your Response.

Now that the output control works fine when there is any change made to the document.

Now that i need to configure such a way that the output control triggers even if there is no change to the document and save button is clicked.

Can U please elaborate how do i make settings in VOFM-> Output Control ?