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Tree-control for data input?

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I need to program an input screen for values that have hierarchical dependencies (e.g. sums). I feel, the most adequate user-interface would be a tree control, because of the data dependencies and also because the users asked for a possibility to collapse/expand parts of the data during input.

I had a look at CL_GUI_COLUMN_TREE, but I'm not sure, if it can be used for data input. Has anyone done something like this before or can anybody direct me to some additional sample coding? (the sample coding in the reuse library didn't do it...)

Thanks for your help, greetings, Kathrin!


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Navigate to se38 and do a search on programs with the following string


There are quite a few helpful demo programs that describe very nicely how you would go about developing a UI with an ALV tree.

Hope this helps,


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Hello Kathrin,

Since you say that the user's input is hierarchical in nature, it is nice to have a tree-control for input. But, the choice of using a custom-control-version of the tree is a cause for some concern. I cannot recollect any of the SAP screens where the input can be given through such a tree framework (please do let me know if you have come across one). The problem with such a tree would be in the areas of even-handling. Filling the tree with appropriate data at the right times would be another challenge.

However, there's one alternative that I would like to direct your attention to. You must have observed another kind of tree, when you select an application component from the APPLICATION HIERARCHY, which is just like a list. Also, the <i>Transport Organizer (SE09)</i>, <i>Menu Painter (SE41)</i> etc., have this kind of a tree. You can use this if you (or rather your users) are very particular on having a tree display. For more information, you can see the Function Group <b>SEUT</b>, which has the required function modules to accomplish the same. The Function Group is well documented, and you might have to work a little on the function modules themselves.

Please do let me know if this is a suitable option to meet your requirement. All the best,


Anand Mandalika.