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transport package

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is it possible to transport package from sap 4.7 server to ecc5 server. how we will do


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When You create a Package in SE80, create a Transport request to it

and transport the same Request to other server along with other objects and

it will get transported

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You should transport the report AND the package together.

On your 4.6c system go to transaction SE80, right-click on the package and chose Create Transport Request Entry. Put the package into the transport request. Next add all reports (and other objects of the package that are referenced by your reports) into the request.

If possible create a transport request of the following type:

Relocation of objects w/o package change

Import the request into your ECC 5.0 system. If you cannot use a relocation transport request go to transaction SE03 and choose function:

Change Object Directory Entries of Objects in Request

Change the source system of your objects (previously 4.7n system) to the current ECC 5.0 system.

Finally, it is likely that you have to change the transport layer of the package to the new value used on your ECC 5.0 system.

Change the transport layer of your package and throw the resulting transport request away.


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The current active version ot the Z package in 4.7 box . i mean note down transport requesr number & notify ur basis guy abt these request number . he convert these request contents to CO File ....

u can check out the in SE80 tcode.

again , in ECC 6.0 box , the basis guy can import the CO file & convert into DATA file & then definitely ur program is available in ECC box.

This is very simple process for basis , just have a discussion with him.

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Manjunath MS