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Transfering tab delimited text file on Unix

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I want to generate a tab delimited file on unix server with the contents of an internal table which when downloaded to presentation server and opened with MS-excel opens with tab delimited contents.

I have tried with open dataset and transfer method but it transfer the contents as one string.

is this possible?

if yes how to do that.


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Hi Amit,

I see that you have registered here just today. Welcome to SDN and hope you ahve a nice time here.

Coming to your question, I've got two doubts -

1. how are you opening the file on the application server with the MS-Excel application?

2, When you have the contents of the file in an internal table, why don't you directly download it into the presentation server (GUI_DOWNLOAD) without the need to go for the application server, in the first place?


Anand Mandalika.

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Hi Amit,

your problem might be solved with 'tabs' in your file.

Have a look at treads

Kind regards,


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Thanks Christian,

it was really helpful in solving my problem.