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Transfer the data by using LSMW

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i am having one table like zwith . i need to transfer some data to thei table by using LSMW i had created but its showing error so any one help me to do this. I am new to this




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Hi Selvendra,

Please check this link

Tutorials on LSMW

Best regards,


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What was the error.

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For using LSMW you need to execute the 14 steps you present in LSMW....which technique you are BDC, IDOC or BAPI...

Create the flat file of the same structure as that of the table and decare the same in your LSMW. Give the path where your file would be present and then map the same.

Generally field types/length you use are not same. So check on the same. You should get to know the reason else post your problem in detail.

Hope this helps to some extent!!!



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Hi Selvendran.

I would like to suggest a couple of references which relate to your issue,

[SDN - Reference for Error during coding in LSMW|;

[SDN - Standard Reference - PDF - Guidelines for LSMW Data transfer|]

[SDN - Reference for Error in LSMW|;

[SAP HELP - Standard Reference for Data Transfer Conversion Assistant in LSMW|]

[SDN - Reference for errors related to Data transfers in LSMW|;

Hope That's usefull.

Good Luck & Regards.

Harsh Dave

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You might be getting an error either because of incorrect recording or due inproper file format which you are using for uploading the data.

Please do the recording properly.

Include all the fields of the table in your recording i.e. fill some data in all the fields then only every field will be included.

See that you maintain proper structure and use the option Auto field mapping for mapping the Structure and the recording.

Use the transaction SM 30 to maintain the table while recording and be sure that you have maitained the Table Mainetance Generator for your Table.

While uploading data from the file see that it is in Tab Delimited format.

Check the options 1. tabulator (File is in Tab Delimited format)

2. With header (If you have the heading in you file)

while uploading the file.

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